Fisheries Management Area Scorecard

On January 28, 2019, the Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (DA-BFAR) issued the Fisheries Administrative Order (FAO) No. 263 which established the 12 fisheries management areas (FMAs) covering all Philippine waters. The FMA system seeks to involve all coastal local government units and key sectors as fisheries managers to take on the shared responsibilities for the conservation and sustainable management of fishery resources in the country.


The FMA Scorecard is an assessment and monitoring tool designed to help and recommend measures for effective and sustainable management for the 12 Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs) in the Philippines. Using key indicators based on good governance principles of transparency, accountability and public participation, and predictability under the Rule of Law and in order to determine compliance status and effective governance of the FMAs, this Scorecard serves as: (1) Monitoring and evaluation tool in the FMA implementation, (2) Self-assessment tool, (3) Outline in the yearly report by the FMA Management Body, and (4) Participatory process/venue in the FMA implementation across all sectors.


The FMA Scorecard Evaluator’s Guide provides the step-by-step guide for performing the FMA compliance assessment. It contains two sections: (1) General Principles on Fisheries Management Areas and (2) Technical Guidance on the conduct of the compliance assessment.

The Scorecard has been effectively used in the Fisheries Management Area 8 and has been institutionalized through a Resolution by the Management Body.

Fisheries Management 8 Rating

*Cut off date: March 18, 2022