BFAR and PCG catch trawl fishers red-handedly fishing in Daram waters

A municipal fishing vessel using a trawl fishing gear within the municipal waters of Daram, Samar was apprehended during the joint enforcement of the Fisheries Protection and Law Enforcement Group (FPLEG) and the Philippine Coast Guard Carigara Substations on September 4, 2021.

The vessel allegedly owned by residents of Daram, Samar had 5 crews onboard during the apprehension. Three of its highest officers will be facing penalties and imprisonment for violating Sections 86 (Unauthorized Fishing), 93 (Use of Fine Mesh Net), and 95 (use of Active Gear in Municipal Waters, Bays and other Fisheries Management Areas) of the amended Philippine Fisheries Code, if proven guilty.

A fish mesh net worth Php15,000 was seized from the alleged fishery law perpetrators. The vessel, boat captain and all the crew members were then released after the documentation and tagging of evidence were conducted.

A trawl is an active fishing gear consisting of a bag shaped net with or without otter boards to open its opening which is dragged or towed along the bottom or through the water column to take fishery species. It can destroy coral reefs and has the potential to overexploit fisheries and aquatic resources, thus prohibiting its use within municipal waters. On the other hand, fish juveniles are captured by fine mesh nets which evidently affects the fish population.

The apprehending team is currently on the process of preparing the necessary documents for filing of appropriate charges. Withal, BFAR 8 encourages the public to report and provide reliable information of any witnessed Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (IUUF) Activities within Eastern Visayas to 09564329955 and coordinate to their respective Local Government Units.